Why I Love… LCD Soundsystem


Like many of my favourite bands today, I was introduced to LCD Soundsystem when a friend of mine asked me to go along with him to a gig. I was at university and lacking friends, so I agreed to go. I spent the week up until the gig listening to Dance Yrself Clean on repeat and generally getting to know their music. LCD Soundsystem were one of the first electronic (if you can call them that) artists that I got in to. I discovered how different beats could be put together to create all sorts of interesting new sounds and threw myself in to their back catalogue.

Their songs can vary from energetic and fast paced (Drunk Girls, Daft Punk Is Playing At My House) to more slower atmospheric tracks (Someone Great, Home). Overall they have a unique minimalistic style which I find really catchy. LCD Soundsystem also have some rather strange lyrics which cover topics ranging from their feelings about fame to obscure references to relationships. I would urge everybody to give their music a try because they are the kind of band that stand alone in your digital record collection. You can be in to all kinds of music but still find something to appreciate about LCD Soundsystem.

I would also recommend the documentary Shut Up and Play the Hits. It’s a live show mixed with interviews with the band the day before their last ever show in Madison Square Garden, New York. The music sounds fantastic, the band are clearly really emotional, and the audience are really in love with the show. There is something so melancholic and vulnerable about James Murphy’s voice which is pushed to its limit in this show, where he cracks up a few times in the last song; New York I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down. It brought more than a few tears to my eyes.


Here are my top three LCD Soundsystem songs for you to have a bit of a chew on. For the record, while none of my favourite songs are on this album, This Is Happening is by far their best album overall.

  1. All My FriendsSound Of Silver
  2. TribulationsLCD Soundsystem
  3. Yeah (Crass Version)LCD Soundsystem

So yeah, that about sums up the band for me. There is definitely nothing else out there quite like them. And by the way, new fans, if you’ve just discovered this band then you’re in luck. They recently got back together and are currently recording a new album and touring at the moment! You got into them at just the right time. See you at one of their shows, I’ll be at the next one I can get to.


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