Chapter Two

Chapter One

This is the second chapter I’ve written. It’s a continuation of the story of Chapter One, though Craig doesn’t feature in it. Give it a read and let me know what you think.

As Craig walked out of the door of the quiet room, a tall, thin woman in a long white dress came in. Her name was Molly and she was in a right state. Her black mascara – dry on her cheeks – made it obvious she had been crying. She shuddered her way to the bar and got the attention of Alison, a barmaid known for taking no shit.
“Ali…” spluttered the woman, “Ali, any chance I can borrow some money?”
Ali looked at Molly with a stoney stare before responding. “What do you need it for?”
“It’s im,” replied Molly, making every effort to keep her voice low, “E’s on my back again.”
Molly was an old friend of Alison’s. They had been to school together. When Molly met Tom she was happier than Alison had ever seen. Alison knew it was just a matter of time before the scumbag showed himself for what he was. He had given Molly two black eyes, cheated on her numerous times, and allegedly pushed her down the stairs during a drunken argument – while Molly was pregnant. And all of this before her 18th birthday.
When she met Tom, drama was just part of the package. They’d be lovers for life one minute, and beating the shit into each other the next. Alison could literally not go longer than a week without hearing about Tom being a ‘fuckin prick’.
Molly had always had a problem with drugs. Alison didn’t touch that shit. All she knew was drinking, shouting, and fucking. Getting zonked out of your brain was no way to spend your time. Molly, though…
When Molly had Andrew, Alison truly believed her platitudes of getting off the smack and back into the real world. To this day, Alison didn’t know whether Molly was lying to her or to herself. Either way, who cares? She left that poor boy for hours alone in that house. She was there, but she wasn’t there. Slumped up against the wall, dreaming and drooling her world away… While the baby cried and cried.
It wasn’t right.
It didn’t take long – although, sadly in this fucked up country, it still took too long – before social services were involved. Long story short, that piece of shit Tom is now responsible for collecting childcare payments from Molly. A ‘payment’ he seems to be able to elect to take however he likes.
God knows what that slimy fucker’s got on her, but Molly is well and truly fucked.
“E came round earlier and I told im to fuck off, like I do,” Molly explained over a tall lager, “But then e says the usual… Said I av to pay up or e’ll av me back in court.”
Alison looked on with concern as Molly started to tear up. “Ow much do ew need, Moll?”
“Not much, like… Say a hundred quid.”
“A hundred?!”
“Yeah, I told ew. I’m properly in the shit yer. I’ll get it back to ew, Al, I promise!”
“Give me a minute.”
Alison stood up and walked behind the bar, to a balcony which overlooked the dark alley beside the building. She pulled out a fag and puffed. She didn’t even know if she had a hundred quid in her bank account. Oh, Molly, that girl is fucked in the head.
While Alison stared out into the darkness, Ben joined her on the balcony. “Alrigh, Al?” he asked, pulling out a cigarette of his own.
“Ben, av ew heard this shit with Moll? Tha bastard is robbin er again!”
“Yeah, Al, about tha… She asked me if I could get er any the other day. Reckon she’s on the prowl, like.”
“Whaddyou mean?! She wouldn’t lie to me, you stirrin cunt.”
“Fuck off, Ali. I’m tellin ew the truth. Why would I lie abou tha?”
Alison flicked her cigarette off the balcony and stormed back into the bar.
“Ow much did ew say you need, Moll?” she shouted across the room.
“A-a hundred or somethin…” Molly timidly replied.
“Oh yeah? Whas that for then? SMACK ISIT?” Alison began to make her way across the room towards her friend.
“N-no! Ali! Wha the fuck-”
But Alison had already grabbed her friend by the hair and swung her across the room. Molly fell into some barstools, and slumped on the floor. “YOU CAN FUCK OFF AN ALL!” boomed Alison, “FILTHY SMACK ED!”
Molly bunched her dress up to her eyes and cried and cried.
Alison booted her.
“Come on! Fuck off then!”
Molly got slowly to her feet and wobbled and out of the room, dignity in shatters.
“We don serve smack eds in ere!” Alison announced to the room, “If any of ew got anyfin to say, you can fuck off an all.”
Nobody moved, so Alison beat a hasty retreat out to the balcony to suck on another fag.

Chapter Three


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