Top 5 Movie & TV News


Another month, another roundup of what’s got me excited in the movie and TV world recently! From a review from Cannes about two women who escape a mental hospital, to Bill Maher and Michael Moore vowing to take down Donald Trump, the news is varied and infinitely interesting. Here it is.

Ellen Page to star in zombie horror ‘The Third Wave’

Source: Screen Daily

Juno star taking the lead in post-apocalyptic horror.

This movie sounds incredible! It’s a fresh perspective on the zombie genre, being set after a cure has been found and the once-zombified population are returning to society. Trying to move on as a world when so many individuals have committed such atrocities is a unique take and the information in the article shared above gives just enough of a taste to get my hype train rolling. Also, the proof of concept short film which serves as a sequel to The Third Wave is very well done. Check it out below.

Cannes Film Review: ‘Like Crazy’

Source: Variety

A terrific comedy-drama about two women in a mental institution that avoids the pitfalls such a scenario could encounter and boasts delicious dialogue with a rare sense of balance.

I actually only clicked on this link because I thought it was about this movie with the same name. I’m glad I made this mistake because Like Crazy sounds like an excellent little movie. It’s always nice to see movies that focus on a relationship between two female characters because it’s rare in movies, and it’s interesting to see the subtle ways that different movies depict them. I’ll be keeping my ear to the ground for this one.


This Week In Trailers: Little Men, Thank You For Playing, My Love, Don’t Cross That River, The Land, Chasing Asylum

Source: /Film

The first three trailers in this article look really good! The last two are a bit more meh, but still seem like they could have potential. I particularly like the Little Men and The Land trailers. It’s hard to add any more than what the article itself already says, but just go ahead and watch the trailers to see if anything jumps out.

Jennifer Lawrence, Lena Dunham Rewriting the Script for Women in Hollywood, Execs Say

Source: Variety

“At the agency level, there’s a lot of talk and awareness and desire,” UTA’s Rena Ronson told the crowd at Variety and Kering’s Women in Motion discussion. “There are women directors who want to be participating in franchises. We’re putting them on the list and that’s where you see the change, at the script level and studio level.”

While I don’t know if I like Lena Dunham and Jennifer Lawrence on a personal level, if people in the industry are saying that their activism is having a positive impact, then it has to give pause. I think it’s great that conversations like this are happening and that a platform is slowly forming for women in Hollywood to start fighting for more equality.


Michael Moore, Bill Maher Vow to ‘Take Down’ Donald Trump (Video)

Source: THE WRAP

This made me do a little sick. I don’t really like Bill Maher anyway (his show usually resembles more of a rally than a talk show), but combined with Michael Moore, a man I find equally cringey, this video ultimately becomes an opportunity for two completely unself-aware ‘hip, truth-speaking’ dudes to measure each other’s dicks for a few minutes in the guise of having serious political debate. It’s so embarrassing for liberals.



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