Why I Love… Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip


Many of the best bands I’ve ever heard  came into my consciousness at comprehensive school. I would get invited to a gig by some of my cooler, more musically inclined, friends. I’d say yes just because I wanted to go to a gig. As a result, I found myself in a dark, grungy little bar in Swansea called Sin City, having my mind blown by a band I had spent the last week fervently swotting up on. As the bright lights blasted me in the face, and my ears rang (I was standing right next to the speaker system), I thought to myself, “I love this band.”

While admittedly not for everyone, I think Scroobius Pip writes some of the best lyrics I have ever heard. He regularly steps into the boundaries of suicide, domestic abuse, British politics in dark, dreamy songs overlaid with his unique voice. Teamed with Dan Le Sac (keyboards, guitars, programming, etc), they also create real pop bangers. Lots of the songs just have a wicked beat which is fun to dance/listen to. I’m really surprised I don’t hear the music more often in clubs or bars.

Their first album, Angles, is by far my favourite. Then they go a bit wobbly for the next few albums (but still create some incredible music). While I think there is a lot of shit on their later albums, a few of the songs (such as Get Better – which has such an uplifting message – are easily in my list of favourite songs of all time. Scroobius Pip also created some of his own music throughout the period they have been together, which is also really good. I am thinking of the song Introdiction just off the top of my head.


In a similar vein, Scroobius Pip has his own podcast and has had some really interesting conversations with prolific artists, comedians, actors and musicians. It’s called Distraction Pieces and you can find more info here. As in his music, Scroobius Pip’s podcast walks a fine line between poignant and thought-provoking, to over the top and self indulgent. But the main thing I’ve taken away from absorbing him over the last few years is that I would absolutely love to go for a drink with him. Might be a weird way of putting it, but Scroobius Pip (or David Meads) seems like a really interesting guy.

And I haven’t even mentioned the fact that he has a stutter. A stutter! Yet he makes this kind of music. Amazing. Anyway, here are my favourite songs by the duo:

  1. Fixed Angles
  2. You Will See MeRepent, Replenish, Repeat
  3. Back From HellAngles
  4. Look For The Woman Angles
  5. Thou Shalt Always KillAngles


I think this band is really under-rated. If you haven’t heard of them before, then trust me, you should take the risk. I have found this band very rewarding with their electroy, rappy, spoken wordy fusion. Give it a go and let me know what you think in the comments section below.



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