Top 5 Movie & TV News


I never make the effort to keep up with news in the movie and TV world. I just watch stuff that I hear is good that’s recommended by my friends, or trawl for trailers through IMDB. Sometimes it’s good to have a look, though, because it can obviously peak your interest in films you’d never heard of before.

I had a look for five of the main movie and TV news articles that got me excited recently. Here they are:

1. 12 of the Most Well-Acted Television Characters of the Last 20 Years

Source: TV Overmind

Another year, another Emmys where a bunch of current TV stars won awards for playing various memorable characters. But stacked up in the annals of television history (or at least the last ten years or so), how do they do? Some make the cut, but others are merely flukes, and their characters won’t leave a permanent mark.

So many good mentions in this post! Although, I reckon they could have just picked any character from The Wire and it would be just as accurate. What a show. Also glad to see James Gandolfini getting a mention. The Sopranos could easily be my favourite TV show of all time (as well as The Wire). Watching him in The Sopranos made me realise how compelling and character-drive generic’ TV drama can be.


2. Emily Blunt’s The Girl On The Train Trailer Is Sexy, Dark And Mysterious


Moviegoers love their murder mysteries, particularly those culled from best-selling beach-read novels. Two years ago, audiences flocked to see Ben Affleck squirm through the twisty Gone Girl. Later this year, Emily Blunt looks to face some difficult questions in playing The Girl On The Train. The movie’s first trailer just dropped.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Gone Girl, although I have been thinking about rewatching it recently to see if I need to reconsider it. I thought it was a solid thriller/drama, but the amount of hype it got surprised me. This trailer definitely shows a movie in the same vein as Gone Girl and I will definitely be checking it out. Stay tuned for my thoughts on it (although it’s not due to be released until October).

3. Google & The Black List Team To Fund Scripts Focused On Computer Science

Source: Deadline

Google is using a speech at the Tribeca Film Festival today to unveil that its Computer Science Education in Media program run by Julie Ann Crommett. The online giant is partnering with The Black List to offer financial grants in support of developing scripts centered on changing the image of computer science and computer scientists in pop culture. The submission process begins today and runs through July 15.

I think this is brilliant news! I am always interested in watching stuff about tech and it seems like a lot of other people are too. My dream would be to move to Palo Alto. It’s also a really good sign that they are specifically targeting changing perceptions of women and minorities in the tech industry, as it is a bit of a boy’s club at the moment.


4. New Trailer For ‘Elvis & Nixon’ Starring Kevin Spacey As Tricky Dick & Michael Shannon As The King Of Rock And Roll

Source: The Playlist

“This is a comedy of juxtaposition of the coolest guy on the planet and the Nixon administration, which is working on a very different register. It’s very comic when they come together,” director Liza Johnson promises USA Today about her upcoming “Elvis & Nixon.” And indeed, it tells a story that’s just too odd to fake: the real-life White House meeting between President Richard Nixon and Elvis Presley.

I’ve just finished watching season four of House of Cards (which was awesome, btw), so the idea of Kevin Spacey playing a president doesn’t really excite me. However, having watched the trailer, it’s obvious that his entire physicality is different which proves to me, again, that he’s one of the best actors working. Michael Shannon turns everything he touches to gold so I have full faith in his performance. My only worry is that the script might just be a bit dire. This movie lives or dies on it for me.


5. The Five Absolute Worst Movie Stoners In Cinematic History

Source: TV Overmind

Let’s face it. Movie Stoner lists have been made until our eyes will bleed. Hell we made a pretty awesome list back in our younger days. And when you really think about it, for the most part, movie stoners are pretty funny. As they should be. In all honesty I can only assume that it’s pretty hard to mess up playing a stoner. Which is why coming up with this list was much harder than I imagined. I really couldn’t think of too many stoners that didn’t make the cut but somehow there were five that definitely rubbed me the wrong way.

The worst thing about this list is that, way back in the day, I absolutely loved Dude, Where’s my Car? I really want to see it again now that I have actually developed into a real human being to see just how awful it is. Gonna rewatch it for sure.



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