Adventures in Pokhara, Pt. 1

Pokhara is the second largest city of Nepal. It is close to the Annapurna mountain range so is a popular destination for backpackers, trekkers, and other tourists. My girlfriend and I visited in November and fell in love with an area called Lakeside. We developed such a deep bond with the place that we decided to come back.

This blog series will be taking you through my time in Pokhara from April 9th-April 17th. This is the first entry in the series. I can’t promise this one will be all that interesting, as it is mainly the journey to Pokhara from Kathmandu covered here. However, I will be uploading more entries over the next week with all the adventures we get up to while we are here.

Saturday 9 April

6am. Last minute packing with my travel companion. We were both so sleepy before setting off on the big adventure.


7am. Boarding the coach. Sara and ‘friend’. We went with World Touch Travels for 600 rupees (approx 4 pounds) but all of them were the same really. Whatever you do, do not go with Greenline. The first time we went to Pokhara we paid around $90 in total for a return for both of us with them. We got ripped off big time.

8am. We made a pit stop to get breakfast but we came prepared with snacks so we weren’t hungry. We got out to stretch our legs. Here is the bus we traveled on. It’s just a bus. People say they are really dangerous but I don’t know what they’re on about.
9am. We drove along bendy roads as we weaved through the valleys following this river. Some of the sights were beautiful but, sadly, there was too much pollution in the air to see the mountains or tips of the valleys very well.
10am. Second pit stop, still weren’t hungry. I walked around the immediate area and found this nice temple. I am not sure if you will be able to read the message above the door, but it basically commemorates holy rituals being performed in the temple in 1997.
11am. We passed many small farms and villages like this one on the way to Pokhara. The scenery is magical. Getting a coach to London from Swansea (where I originate from) in the UK takes less time, but feels so much longer because the views are so boring.
12pm. Longer pit stop for lunch. As we’re doing Pokhara on a budget, and we still weren’t hungry, we just hung about. It was getting warm by this point so staying in the sun too long was uncomfortable.
1pm. We hung about at the lunch pit stop for so long, I saw a man walk past with his cows. Stuff like this is why I love Nepal. You can sit or stare out a window, and there is always so much to see.
2pm. Outskirts of Pokhara. It was so hot today that people brought umbrellas to protect themselves from the sun. I was itching to get off the bus by this point. I have a strong connection with Pokhara and I was getting impatient.
3pm. All checked in to the hotel. We are staying at Hotel Harmony in North Lakeside (as that is the best part of Pokhara, where all the alternative/hippy-dippy places are). We have a balcony with a view on the lake. Can’t really complain!

More updates coming soon. I have just thrown this together for today’s blog post and am going to run out the door and see what’s waiting for me in find in Pokhara tonight. On Wednesday I will be posting a long update with everything we’ve gotten up to. Stay tuned!


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