First Thoughts on Zootopia


I think the release dates on some of the movies I said I was looking forward to might have been wrong. Somebody commented on that post to tell me that they had already seen The Little Prince. I guess I will start working through those movies that are already out. Zootopia was showing in the cinema here a week or so ago so I went to see it.

Just before I get in to my thoughts on it, let’s remind ourselves what my impressions of the trailer were…

Now I don’t know if this film is going to be good or not, but I do know that the trailer made me laugh more than any other film trailer I’ve seen for a long time. They drag out the joke for so long in this trailer and it just doesn’t lose steam. I really hope that isn’t the funniest joke in the movie and the rest is the same “cute animals doing cute things” film like all the rest of them.

Well, I gotta say, the trailer may have made me laugh more than other film trailers I’d seen recently, this movie made me laugh way more than any other movie I’ve seen recently. It’s up there with The Lego Movie for a good-hearted funny animated film. It also had a very nice message about not allowing yourself to be repressed. It touched on a lot of important themes like sexism, racism, and prejudice. It goes to prove that there are ‘kids’ movies out there that aren’t just about princesses being rescued my princes. I think that kind of kids movie is outdated today. When I have kids, I’m only going to expose them to movies like this (or just any Pixar really).


Honestly, I don’t have much more to say about it. I didn’t take my notebook and pen as I saw this in the cinema so these thoughts are just off the top of my head really. Oh! the bunny is super cute. That’s the last thing I have to say. Go watch this movie if you fancy a wholesome chuckle.



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