Feel the Hype! My Top Five Upcoming Movies


I’m usually not really in the loop with upcoming movies. I basically rely on word of mouth or Simon Mayo & Mark Kermode’s podcast to give me movie suggestions. For the sake of the blog, though, I thought I’d have a look ahead to see what people are excited about in the movie world. I found, to my horror, that most of it was the predictable mass of crap superhero movies, remakes and sequels. I wouldn’t really consider myself a movie snob, but there’s no denying that there’s a lot of shit out there. It took me quite a long time to find five films that I was excited about at all – let alone make them in to a top five list. But I did it – and here they are:

#1. The Little Prince
Animation, Fantasy
Release date: 10.06.2016

A little girl lives in a very grown-up world with her mother, who tries to make sure she’s prepared for it. Her neighbor, The Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of The Little Prince.

This trailer starts out like the trailer to any generic kind of Disney film – even the animation looks the same. But as I watched the trailer, I realised this film was something more. It’s a story within a story – with two different art styles to match. This film trailer really blew me away and I think it’s gonna be a trip to watch it. Very excited.

#2. Zootropolis
Animation, Action, Adventure
Release date: 12.08.2016

In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a fugitive con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop must work together to uncover a conspiracy.

Now I don’t know if this film is going to be good or not, but I do know that the trailer made me laugh more than any other film trailer I’ve seen for a long time. They drag out the joke for so long in this trailer and it just doesn’t lose steam. I really hope that isn’t the funniest joke in the movie and the rest is the same “cute animals doing cute things” film like all the rest of them.

#3. Warcraft
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release date: 30.06.2016

An epic fantasy/adventure based on the popular video game series.

Rumours of a Warcraft movie were around for years, and I was just as sceptical as anybody. Movies based on video games are almost always awful cash cows and I was sure this would be the same. After watching the trailer, though, it doesn’t look half bad. I may be blinded by pure nostalgia for Warcraft III, a video game I played obsessively when I was a teenager, but I think this looks like a good fantasy film. Sure, the plot is basically told to you in this trailer and there’s not going to be anything new here, but considering what movie/game adaptations are usually like, this doesn’t look terrible.

#4. Suicide Squad
Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Release date: 10.09.2016

A secret government agency recruits imprisoned supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for clemency.

When I first heard about this film and all the hype surrounding it, it sounded to me like any other big budget superhero movie. I didn’t get round to watching the trailer until researching for this post. It does look good. It reminds me of Watchmen. I hope it manages to be as good. It has a bit of a Zack Snyder-y vibe about it though. Will it end up style over substance? I don’t know.

#5. The BFG
Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Release date: 17.09.2016

Another trip down memory lane with this one. I’ve got fond memories of watching the animated version of this movie as a kid, but I cant for the life of me remember any of the plot. The art style has just stuck with me. Which is why, to someone like me, it’s going to be important that the giants look good. The film basically makes or breaks it on that alone. I’m sure this film would be great to watch in the cinema. It’s just got that sort of vibe.

So there you go, my top five upcoming movies. I’ll definitely revisit them once they’ve been released to share my thoughts, but for now, sweet readers, I’m afraid we must part. Tune in on Saturday where I will be discussing the latest in UK politics.


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