Valentine’s Day in Music

As Valentine’s Day is only a week away, I thought I would throw together a bunch of songs that always make me feel loved up. Love can evoke so many different emotions, which I’ve tried to sum up in this list.

It should be noted that, while shortlisting the songs that ended up as my final ten, I had to cut out a whole bunch of depressing songs which I have always instinctively referred to as love songs. Just a little insight to my broken psyche there. Perhaps I can post them another time. But for now, let’s get you in the spirit for Valentine’s Day!

  1. Swoon – The Chemical Brothers

I have long said that I think this song is the greatest love song ever written. As with all of The Chemical Brothers songs, you have to just listen to it to get the feeling. So pop in some headphones, get a picture of the girl you are shamelessly stalking on Facebook up, and cry along.

2. Whole Wide World – Wreckless Eric

If you’re alone this Valentine’s Day, then don’t worry, there’s always someone out there for you. Maybe they’re on a different continent and you’ll never meet them, but just keep believing it. You never know. There’s even a whole minute of no sound at the end of this video for you to ponder the prospect of never meeting your soulmate.

3. Les Fleurs – Minnie Riperton

Apparently, inside every man, lives the seed of a flower. That explains my constant indigestion. A tummy is not the place for a plant to bloom. It’s far too acidic.

4. All I Have To Do Is Dream – The Everly Brothers

This song has made little butterflies inside me many times over. It teaches a very valuable lesson. She can’t say no if it’s make believe. Keep on dreaming, fellas.

5. Happy Together – The Turtles

This one always makes me smile. Let’s get happy together by clicking the dodgy link in this video and rigging the stock market. Happy hunting!

6. Candy Kane – Caesars

This song is bound to get you and your significant other bopping. Try putting it on. She’ll start dancing. I guarantee it.

7. All Day And All Of The Night – The Kinks

Next time your girl seems a little cold, just remember this classic love song. What says love like demanding to spend every waking moment with another person, giving them no room to live their own life? Nothing. That’s what. Nothing.

8. Fell In Love With A Girl – The White Stripes

Let’s face it, I just added this song for the music video. It’s a bit of a conflicting message though, because anybody who has played with Lego knows that there’s no way you’re going to create a relationship with a human being in the same way you did with your Legos.

9. Tender – Blur

Ooh yeah, I’m feeling tender baby. All the smooth talkers out there, this one’s for you. Sometimes, you just need a cuddle, a hug, a touch, anything. Anything at all. Just no more loneliness. Please.

10. Burning Love – Elvis Presley

No list of love songs would be complete without a bit of Elvis. When you hug someone so much that it hurts, lighting up your insides and creating burning sensation, then seek help. You may have crabs.

So that completes my list of love songs to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day. What other songs make you want to scream your love from the rooftops, while your neighbours cry, “Get down! I’m trying to watch Family Fortunes!”? Let me know in the comments below. Join me again on Thursday where I will be raising the hype for five upcoming movies that look truly special. See you then.


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